A few years ago, tech industry researchers and experts envisioned that smartwatches usage will eventually replace conventional models. However, years after the first wearable hit retailers, their predicted scenario is nowhere to be seen. To be fair, a lot of us embraced the innovation and probably have one or two models in our collection. The results of studies and surveys apparently reveal that battery life is to blame for the technology’s snail-paced adoption. The Titan HRV from VIITA will hopefully break the cycle and encourage people to make the digital shift.

Promising a two-week battery life on a single charge, it’s already offering more than the most popular models. Features such as the integrated electrocardiogram of the Apple Watch Series 4 or the rotating bezel control of the Samsung Galaxy Watch are undeniably innovative. However, at the end of the day, what matters most is how long your device will continue to function until it needs a recharge. That’s why VIITA will run on its proprietary operating system to minimize battery consumption.

Other than the promise of a longer lifespan in between charges, The Titan HRV boasts a premium build quality. Luxury-grade materials such as ceramics, sapphire, titanium, and cutting-edge craftsmanship all go into the smartwatch. It’s ready to face any adventure with its 10 ATM water resistance and built-in GPS. Fitness-tracking software and an integrated optical heart rate sensor provide keep users updated regarding their overall health. VIITA plans to officially launch the smartwatch on January 2019.

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Photos courtesy of VIITA