What’s your preferred way of listening to music? We’re not talking about streaming services or formats, but more about where the audio output is coming from. There’s no right or wrong answer here as there are only two options if you really think about it. For a private experience, headphones or earbuds (wired/wireless) and speakers for sharing. Most of the time, it’s a mix of both, but Victrola’s Music Edition 2 might be enough to convince us to stick with the latter.

As always, we would like to thank the manufacturer for sending over a sample of their tabletop Bluetooth speaker. Nowadays, the sheer number of choices available can be overwhelming for the average consumer. However, there are some brands that tend to deliver remarkable quality for their price range. It just so happens that Victrola blends contemporary technology with retro-inspired design to appeal to our sense of nostalgia.

The Music Edition 2 is a versatile device that not only offers superior acoustic reproduction but also a few other bells and whistles others in the same category cannot match. We’ve spent over a week with the speaker and are eager to share our thoughts with you. Before we get into the nitty and gritty, here’s how to get your hands on one.

Ordering And Unboxing The Music Edition 2


As hinted at before, Victrola was gracious enough to provide a sample for us to try out here at the office. You can purchase it directly from Amazon along with other products from the company’s varied catalog. While at it, why not check out their lineup of turntables for your vinyl record collection? Nonetheless, this is all about their portable tabletop speaker.

Just like any order from the popular online marketplace, the process should be pretty straightforward. Once the order has been placed, your package should take a few days to arrive depending on the shipping destination. Our Music Edition 2 was shipped to our office in the U.K. and was received in about five days. Not bad! The box shows the usual branding, features, and other important information about the device.

There’s nothing noteworthy about the unboxing experience here. Don’t take it against Victrola because there are people who prefer a no-frills type of deal. What surprised us, on the other hand, was the size of the Bluetooth speaker. It’s not by any means too cumbersome to lug around, but it will take up some space in your backpack or bag. An owner’s manual, a USB-C cable, and a USB-C charging brick are also inside.

Modern Tech With A Hint Of Classic Design

Browsing through Victrola’s pages, it’s clear that their roster is brimming with old-school appeal. The Music Edition 2 is no different as it flaunts an aluminum housing which looks and feels top-notch. In fact, it’s rare to find Bluetooth speakers constructed out of metal except for those marketed as luxury-class models. It measures 4.41” x 9” x 3.54” (H x W x D) and tips the scales at a little above four pounds.

As you can guess, it’s by no means bulky and should be easy to store and use as an on-the-go Bluetooth speaker. It resembles Victrola’s Music Edition 1 yet is larger and should be oriented horizontally this time around. Unlike the frame, the top and bottom are fabricated out of soft TPU. Rubberized pads below prevent slipping and dampen vibrations.

A cool cosmetic flair on the Music Edition 2 is the grille, which forms a mosaic that distinctly showcases the letter “V” or an “arrowhead” as some of the guys here at the office point out. The Victrola script is prominently on display at the lower left corner up front, while the rear mirrors the visuals side albeit with a vertical strip on the left with a 3.5 mm aux-in port and USB-C port for charging.

Performance And Features

We’ve already established it as sleek and stylish aesthetics-wise, but Victrola ensures that you can take the Music Edition 2 anywhere. Despite its classy stance, the IP67 rating allows it to withstand moisture and dust. No need to steer clear of areas close to the water as it can even survive a quick dip. Keep in mind we did not subject it to any grueling tests. Still, it shrugged off the occasional drizzle outdoors without any issues.

The forward-facing grille covers a 1” tweeter and a 3.5” driver. Passive bass radiators are likely positioned toward the back as most of the low-end seems to emanate from the rear. Overall, we found the acoustic output of Victrola’s Bluetooth speaker great. Although discerning ears will unnecessarily balk at every little detail, it’s never promoted as audiophile-grade gear in the first place.

Another nifty function is the wireless charging pad at the top of the Music Edition 2. It is compatible with most devices that support the feature. Battery capacity was not indicated on the official page. Nevertheless, sources say it’s packing a 4,400 mAh unit. Victrola claims it can last up to 20 hours on a single charge. It might not exactly hit those numbers, but it comes close during typical usage.

Our Takeaway

We urge our readers to set their expectations properly when they fire up the Music Edition 2 for the first time. It won’t blow other competing brands out of the water when it comes to acoustics, but it can establish its presence during audio playback. Furthermore, it’s backed by the brand’s reputation for quality and clean retro style. For an even more immersive listening session, pair two of these to form a true wireless stereo speaker setup and enjoy. Finally, it’s available in Black or Silver colorways.

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