120 years ago, the Swiss company Victorinox first created their renown Officer’s and Sports Knife. Known to the world as “the Swiss Army Knife” this multi-functional tool has been the go-to everyday carry for those who are always finding things that need to be fixed or worked on.

Now Victorinox introduces the world to a new multitool with more features and a more classic multitool look. The SwissTool BS ($200) has been carefully crafted from durable black oxide steel for superior protection against rust & corrosion. Within its 4.5″ handles, you can access 29 time-tested indispensable tools, from pliers and wire cutters to various types of screwdrivers. There is both a metal saw and one for wood. Various wire manipulators are included along with a punch, chisel, lanyard and the inevitable bottle and can openers. As expected, there are also two large blades, one with a straight edge and the other wavy.

At a total weight of just 10.2 oz and arriving with a rugged nylon belt pouch, the can keep its toolbox’s worth of helpful features always close at hand.