The Victorinox INOX Carbon Watch ($950) is the latest addition to the I.N.O.X. line of adventure watches. The name “Carbon” is for its stylish black case, dial, and cord wristband. It is also for the rugged scratch and shock resistance of the hypoallergenic case. The black resin composite used in the case is the same material used to protect the space shuttles from the heat-buildup during re-entry and has been proven to withstand 1,260 degrees Celsius; way more then you probably could yourself (unless you’re the Terminator)!

The wristband adds to the survival potential as the Naimakka Paracor Strap can be unraveled to make use of a long, strong textile rope. On the dial are featured the date, a sweep second hand, and even the demarcation of military 24 hour time on the inner dial.

Despite the rugged exterior of the Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. watch, it can be accessorized with alternate bumper covers in either gray or red. It is good to know that a replacement (cord) can be had if your adventures required the sacrifice of the original one. Available also with a genuine rubber strap, for 100 dollars cheaper.