Victorinox introduces more color gradients to its famous Alox collection. This year the Swiss brand introduces the Evoke Collection, comprising the Evoke Alox, Evoke BS & BSH Alox, and the Evoke Wood. 

The Evoke Alox Knife boasts a simple yet stylish aesthetic that does not comprise durability. This five-function folder features a lockable silver drop-point blade that offers knife stability and has a removable thumb stud to deploy the blade. This folder shares similarities with the Hunter Pro Alox, which Victorinox dressed in electric yellow for its 2023 Limited Edition Alox Collection. It only has the blade for a utility tool while the rest are carrying options including a carry clip, lanyard hole, and paracord pendant. You get three color options for the handle including Red, Blue-Red, and Silver. It is 5.4″ long and weighs 6.7 ounces.

Meanwhile, the Evoke BS & BSH Alox features a streamlined design described as “intrepid, yet uniquely stylist.” It has four functions, has a large blade, a carry clip, and a lanyard hole. This one also uses a thumb stud opening for the lockable blade. This is a compact folder like the Evoke Alox at just 5.4 inches long and weighs 6.3 ounces. Color options come in dark hues including Black, Olive Green, Navy Camouflage, and Beige. 

Lastly, the Evoke Wood design in the Victorinox Alox Collection exudes classic elegance with its unique Walnut Wood Alox scales. This four-function pocket knife features a lockable, one-hand blade and weighs approximately 5.3 ounces, and measures 5.4 inches long. 

These 2023 additions to the Victorinox Alox Collection come in either a clip-point blade or a drop-point blade. No matter what you choose, Victorinox guarantees a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and material for their pocketknives. 

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Images courtesy of Victorinox