When digital formats came out, the music industry quickly adopted the technology. CDs and eventually streaming services became the platforms of choice for artists. However, vinyl records are far from obsolete as most people still support the analog medium for its acoustic quality. Meanwhile, a South Korean designer shares a fascinating take on portability with the Vibrary Digital LP Player.

At first, we thought this concept was a full-fledged turntable with a built-in speaker, but it seems found/Founded has other things in mind. We all know by now that although vinyl records are remarkably slim, the tracks are all on surfaces wherein diameter is a factor. Nonetheless, there are plenty of commercial models you can shop for right now.

As for the Vibrary Digital LP Player, it seems like this is an awkward solution. Why would you digitize the tracks from a vinyl record in the first place when lossless formats are just a download away? Moreover, it’s counterintuitive when the goal is to enjoy the distinct audio generated by a turntable.

Despite our gripes, the people behind this deserve heaps of praise for the sleek modern aesthetic of the device. Furthermore, they also point out the modular aspect of the Vibrary Digital LP Player. According to the press kit, some components can be swapped out for aftermarket add-ons crafted out of different materials and presented in various shades.

The top features a dedicated slot to display the album cover at an angle. Then there is the detachable cylindrical controller, which we assume recharges wirelessly while docked. A glance at the rear section of the Vibrary Digital LP Player reveals a USB-C, a barrel plug, and a line-out port.

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Images courtesy of found/Founded / Behance