Copenhagen-based JDS Architects built on the universal idea of using steps as places to seat or as sociable meeting places in designing the STOOP bench series. As such, its structural shape resembles that of a staircase with multiple seating levels to offer a more social and relaxed seating arrangement. 

The team designed this furniture with a triangular plan so it not only serves as a bench or table-bench, but also as an urban auditorium. It’s basically a series of free-standing stoops placed on squares and streets all over the world. It comes in a mini version which can fit many spaces where it’s larger counterpart cannot yet offers a more intimate seating arrangement. Then there’s the STOOP Picnic, which is a table-bench combo, perfect for gathering around a table.

The STOOP bench line is in production by Scandinavian street furniture brand Vestre. It’s crafted from wood and steel for strength and durability. It can be customized accordingly for either indoor or outdoor use. For indoor use, it’s recommended to use oiled oak or oiled ash. Meanwhile, outdoors it’s ideal to use linseed oil-treated Nordic pine or Kebony Radiata, both of which come with a 15-year warranty against rot. 

As for the steel components, they are hot-dip galvanized which results in a matt grey surface and powder coated for corrosion resistance to give the furniture a minimum lifespan of 80 years. The steel also comes with a lifetime warranty against rust. The STOOP bench series come in over 200 standard RAL classic colors. It is designed for lengthy use in harsh and challenging environments. 

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Images courtesy of Vestre