A little pee goes a long way in tracking your health with the Vessel Health Wellness app. It saves you money and weeks of waiting time on a lab report.

This health app uses a test strip that you pee on, much like how a pregnancy test works. Wait about 2.5 minutes before you scan the strip on the app on your phone so you’ll know where you stand on your health and wellness check.

The Vessel Health Wellness app uses reagents that change color (colorimetric) and lateral flow assays to test your essential health metrics. It provides data on levels of hydration, vitamins C, B9, calcium, and magnesium intake, and more. It even shows your cortisol, ketones, creatinine, and PH levels just based on your pee.

All this at the comfort of your home and your own toilet. The strip may be a bit costly at $10 but that’s better against the hundreds of dollars you spend on similar tests at a doctor’s lab. Moreover, the app is backed by certified doctors and scientists so you get trusted results.

Best of all, the Vessel Health Wellness app uses your results to give recommendations on food, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help you achieve a better and healthier path. It even lets you schedule Amazon fresh delivery for the recommended foods. Vessel also provides its line of supplements and helps you create a plan complete with reminders and guidance. The plan comes from a licensed nutritionist for a fee of $3 per minute.

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Images courtesy of Vessel Health