Titanium is a metal with properties that make it a go-to material for projects that require outstanding strength-to-weight ratios. You can find it on EDC tools, luxury accessories, aircraft, watercraft, cars, and motorcycles. It’s now making its way to the trials bike scene courtesy of Vertigo Motors.

In a sport that relies on balance and skills, a lightweight ride can make a difference. The company is calling it the 2022 Titanium R Limited Edition. As the name tells us, this production run will only see 40 examples so snap one up as soon as you can. Vertigo Motors is offering this moto in two trims.

Vertigo Motors says it “is without a doubt the most exclusive trials motorcycle in the industry, featuring extensive unique features like the titanium chassis, optimized for this 2022 model by introducing a new mechanised shock absorber support also made of titanium.”

You can get it with a 247 cc EFI or 300 cc EFI two-stroke single-cylinder engine. This is mated to a six-speed transmission (4 gears developed and tuned for trials). The powertrain produces 31 horsepower with 35 lb-ft of torque. As noted earlier, the frame, detachable mechanized clutch cover, and muffler are all titanium.

Other weight-saving upgrades include carbon fiber engine caps and a 6 mm 7075 aluminum Costa Parts crankcase protector. It also flaunts snakeskin vinyl wraps that protect most of its parts from abrasions during trials. These also come with liveries for a striking aesthetic overall.

Vertigo Motors then equips the 2022 Titanium R Limited Edition with a three-way Reiger mono-shock suspension and a factory fork with a Kashima coating in gold. These are fully adjustable to deliver outstanding riding dynamics according to the owner’s preference.

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Vertigo Motors Front Vertigo Motors Forks Vertigo Motors frame

Images courtesy of Vertigo Motors