The harsh climate of the polar regions makes them some of the most unforgiving places to visit. Never mind the conspiracy nuts out there and their wild theories about these locations. Still, for those brave few who do make it there, mobility will quickly become an issue. Venturi is about to change that with the Antarctica.

It’s actually cool of them (forgive the pun) to name the vehicle as such given its purpose. Although fuel normally does not freeze even in the lowest of temperatures, it’s still best to keep pollution down to zero if possible so as not to affect the delicate ecosystem.

Venturi gladly delivers a machine that ticks all the right boxes. The Antarctica is a heavy-duty zero-emission explorer designed for the extreme conditions of the South Pole. The marque from Monaco presents a battery-electric ride to help those at the Belgian research station get around.

All-terrain tires have limitations, which is why the EV sports tank treads instead. It measures 6.6 feet wide, 11.4 feet long, and stands 7.2 feet high with enough room for up to six people. Cargo space for research equipment and tools are likewise available.

This bulky behemoth tips the scales at 5,500 lbs and is powered by a 52.6 kWh battery that operates two 60 kW electric motors. Venturi says it can take 2-18 hours to fully charge depending on the weather. It is currently servicing folks at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station.

The photovoltaic cells on the roof tell us it can recharge via sunlight on top of the normal method. The range is approximately 31.1 miles with a top speed of 15.53 mph. The Antarctica can also remain operational even at temperatures as low as -22 Fahrenheit.

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Images courtesy of Venturi