It’s clear that living in close proximity with other people spaces with barely any fresh air circulation is not good. Perhaps this is also why we are seeing an upsurge of folks heading outdoors and staying away from urban locations. Architectural designer Veliz Arquitecto envisions the concept of Cabins on The Mountain which would be ideal for our current predicament.

This is even more apparent now that we have this devastating health crisis on our hands. With health experts encouraging social distancing all over again, the Cabins on The Mountain might be a wonderful idea. These form a striking visage with their cocoon-like silhouettes

Veliz Arquitecto did not provide any specifics on the location. Still, it notes the structures should ideally be somewhere along the mountain ranges of Cuba. Given its natural surroundings, the designers are primarily using wood and concrete for its construction.

Those with fear of high places should be mindful not to look down as the Cabins on The Mountain live up to the name. Meanwhile, people who love breathtaking views will love the backdrops of verdant trees and boulders.

The concept suggests it will be a temporary residence for adventurous souls who might want to enjoy some creature comforts along the way. Although sleeping under the stars or in a tent or camper has its perks, nothing beats being inside a cabin after a long day of trekking or hiking.

Despite the off-grid situation, the Cabins on The Mountain could rely on clean sources of power. In some of the images, we could see wooden turbines. Taking advantage of the wind that flows through the area, we can only speculate that it is enough to power lights or electric motors to pump water for plumbing.

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Images courtesy of Veliz Arquitecto