When people hit the outdoors, it’s often to get away from the hectic urban landscape and reconnect with nature. As such, outdoor equipment such as backpacks, sleeping bags, hydration packs, and other camping gear are must-haves. Some prefer the creature comforts of technology and even bring along their RVs or campers. Given the limited access to power, KiteX presents the Wind Catcher system.

While being off-the-grid is the primary reason why most folks prefer to just bring essentials, others prefer a hybrid approach. The Wind Catcher is the go-to solution to generate power whenever you need it. So far, one caveat we can see is if for some reason the wind does not blow.

Other than that, the Wind Catcher looks like a winner in our opinion. Among the eco-friendly sources of energy, wind turbines are supposedly more efficient than solar panels, according to experts. Thus, KiteX wants to be the first to offer something similar albeit in a more portable platform.

After considering how unpredictable weather can be, the engineers are giving it an IP54-rating against moisture. The Wind Catcher weighs around 22 lbs and will typically take one user about 15 minutes to assemble.

There are two versions available with the entry-level option capable of generating 200W and 19.8V to 22.8V. As for the standard model, you can expect around 600W with 42V to 45.6V. Our ideal configuration would see it hooked up to a portable power station.

KiteX claims the Wind Catcher is virtually silent and will generate power even at lower wind speeds of 8 mph. What makes it lightweight is the use of carbon fiber, fiberglass, nylon, and thermoplastics. Now you can virtually juice up your gadgets anywhere.

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Images courtesy of KiteX