VEJA’s  V-15 ChromeFree Leather Sneakers takes design cues from basketball shoes worn in the 1980s with its perforated toe box and lightly-treaded rubber outsole made from a combination of Amazonian rubber (40%), silica (23%), recycled rubber (10%), synthetic rubber (11%) and others (16%).

This footwear also uses 100% recycled polyester for the interior lining and the backloop while 100% organic cotton goes to the laces. But what makes this luxury sneakers different are the O.T. leather uppers with ChromeFree leather panels. The leather is 100% organic and comes from certified farms in Uruguay, a country famed for its culture of animal husbandry and quality leather. 

VEJA’s V-15 ChromeFree Leather Sneakers boasts the softest and finest of leathers coming from bovines. The leather undergoes a mechanical beating process to make it softer, pliable, and light, thus more comfortable to wear. The leather is then tanned in Brazil using less dyes than used on conventional bovine leather.

It undergoes an innovative tanning process that does not use chrome, heavy metals, or dangerous acids. The luxury brand uses conventional dyes that comply with regulations and special attention is paid to water during the tanning process. Then these shoes are finished off with the brand’s signature “V” logos in suede on the sides.  

The French brand prides in crafting footwear pieces that last for many uses. The same goes for the V-15 ChromeFree Leather Sneakers. They are not only durable but also comes in a sleek, stylish, and timeless silhouette that go with just about any outfit whether dressed up or dressed down. They even look good with business casual attires.

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Images courtesy of VEJA