Blades are useful when you’re out hunting, hiking, or camping. There are multiple scenarios wherein a sharp tool for cutting will come in handy. Much like when you’re outdoors, it is crucial in food preparation at home. Never underestimate the results you can get from a top-quality chef knife like the CK20 here.

Veark is offering a collection of fully forged knives which are exceptionally designed to stand out even when not in use. The Danish company specializes in premium kitchenware such as cutting boards, sharpening rods, aprons, mittens, towels, hot pads, potholders, baking mittens, carving forks and more.

However, the brand is renowned for the craftsmanship that goes into each of its products. All the knives in their catalog are sourced from Solingen. Steel goods like surgical instruments, razors, and scissors from this German town are world-famous. Hence, the CK20 is settling for nothing less but the finest.

It’s cool how minimalist the aesthetic looks courtesy of the open handle. The unique form factor allows users to hold the CK20 firmly with their thumb at the balance point. This optimizes your grip and thereby keeps the chef knife stable with every movement of your hand.

Veark assures us that everything is fully symmetrical, which makes it highly adaptable to the user’s dominant hand. Righties and lefties will appreciate the consideration. The CK20 measures 12.6 inches including the handle, with its blade at 7.9 inches and 1.85 inches at its widest point.

The X50CRMoV15 steel chef knife tips the scales at a wieldy 7.05 ounces and touts a hardness rating of 58 HRC. Finally, the forging process makes each CK20 unique as no two patterns on its handle are ever the same. Grab one for your kitchen or as an awesome gift.

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Images courtesy of Veark