Can you guys recall a unique platform dubbed the VQ16 from Vanquish Yachts that we showcased back in 2019? When your tender is not stylish enough to match the shipbuilder’s vessels, the sleek 16-footer was the only option at the time. We now welcome another addition to the fleet. It’s in the form of an elegant personal watercraft (PWC) called the VQ11.

Unlike the hybrid hydro scooter and a yacht tender before, this new offering is slightly on the smaller side. As you can guess from the name, Vanquish Yachts markets the VQ11 as an 11-foot and luxe alternative to the average Yamaha WaveRunners and Kawasaki Jet Skis.

The company is collaborating with yacht designer Guido de Groot for its latest project. Similar to its larger cousin, it’s the only one of its kind clients can commission at the moment. Its physical footprint is just compact enough to fit inside the tender garage of the VQ58.

Meanwhile, the PWC can be painted in the same colors as the ship it cruises with. The beautiful wooden deck of the VQ11 and bench seat can accommodate up to three passengers including the operator. Vanquish Yachts endows it with a powerful Seadoo engine to push it up to 40 knots.

“A radical innovation, the VQ11 is a typical VQ Yachts concept that responds to a clear demand expressed by clients,” reads the press release. The PWC is great for leisurely rides as well as to ferry passengers to and from their larger vessels. Adrenaline junkies can likewise hook up a tow rope for water skiing and wakeboarding.

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Images courtesy of Vanquish Yachts