We can’t really blame motorists who are still hesitant to make the switch to EVs. Despite the ever-improving efficiency of newer models, the numbers published are typically in controlled scenarios. It all boils down to what the industry calls range anxiety and it’s also affecting owners of platforms built for outdoor adventures. Leave it to new players in the market like Lightship and its L1 camper trailer.

Towing larger loads can have a drastic effect on your EV’s mileage, which is why some opt for smaller teardrop campers. It’s a shame that we have to sacrifice creature comforts of a full-size motorhome, but Lightship has a cool solution in mind. Reports tell us a major backer of the startup’s innovative project is none other than Thor Industries.

Therefore, we can safely assume no expense is spared to ensure quality and performance. Press materials detail more about the L1 and the systems in place to facilitate longer off-grid stays. Firstly, to address concerns about the towing situation, electric motors are integrated to actively assist movement. Next is the pop-up configuration to reduce drag.

The manufacturer even claims their travel trailer is several times more aerodynamic than the competition. Clients can choose between a 40 kWh or 80 kWh battery. Should they choose the latter, Lightships states it can power the electric motors for up to 300 miles which greatly benefits the EV hauling the L1. 

Furthermore, the larger capacity trim package can purportedly run all the trailer’s electronics and appliances for up to a week. Solar panels rated at 3 kW can gradually recharge the batteries when enough sunlight is available. Speaking of which, large windows also illuminate the cabin naturally by day. Integrated shades provide privacy and a shield from the heat when needed.

 A floorplan supplied by Lightship shows the standard layout with a kitchen, a slide-out kitchen, a full bathroom, storage cabinets, and a dining area that can turn into an additional sleeping spot. Production of the L1 is scheduled to start later this year with deliveries to follow shortly thereafter.

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Images courtesy of Lightship