Smart functionality is gradually creeping into almost everything we own. The automation of certain tasks is both a boon and a bane depending on how hands-on you are in the first place. Meanwhile, Pebble shares its innovative take on a caravan it calls the Flow, wherein sensors streamline a process that has befuddled folks for the longest time.

Unless what you own is a conversion, slide-in, or full-size RV, then you’ve probably never experienced what many consider a rite of passage for any man. We’re just exaggerating it a bit, but it still surprises us how some still find it extremely difficult to hook up their trailers.

It seems this challenge is widespread enough for Pebble to take matters seriously during the development of its futuristic camper. The minimalist aesthetics alone give us the impression that the Flow is chock full of advanced features. Firstly, there’s the Active Propulsion Assist System (APAS).

This is beneficial for EVs as the camper’s dual motors activate to boost range. However, as noted by the manufacturer, its unique selling point alone makes it a worthwhile investment. The all-electric configuration also includes motorized wheels and steering.

It leverages high-tech systems to align and hitch with your vehicle with just a single touch. The Pebble app also allows the user to manually move the Flow when it’s unhitched to position it in the perfect spot. Once the caravan is in position, the InstaCamp function automatically deploys the awning, leveling stabilizers, and stairs.

Moreover, the Flow will also activate the thermostat to your ideal setting to ensure the living spaces are ready for relaxation. Its off-grid capabilities are powered by a 45 kWh LFP battery, which also regularly recharges from the 1,000W rooftop solar panels. Finally, the interiors are fully customizable and provide great views of your surroundings.

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Images courtesy of Pebble