If you don’t have the money to splurge on a fully-appointed camper or trailer but would like to enjoy the comforts of home during camping or road adventures, then VanLab’s SUV Kit makes this possible. California-based VanLab offers affordable but high-quality IKEA-like camper conversion kits that packs flat but transforms into a kitchen or even a sleeping space. 

This is a one-size-fits-all camping kit that can be installed on a plethora of SUVs from the Toyota RAV4 and Jeep Grand Cherokee to the Tesla Model X. Made from lightweight and durable Baltic birch plywood, it is designed to fit behind the second row and is easily removable and re-installable. 

VanLab’s SUV Kit features a tailgate-width kitchen that expands to form a comfortable sleeping platform over top the folded rear seats measuring 75″ x 51″. It offers one full-size drawer on the passenger side with a slimmer slide-out on the driver slide and then in between drops a removable panel that serve as a worktop or table for a single-burner gas stove.

There’s also a second table that slides out from the lower passenger-side drawer equipped with an upper shelf that can be used as additional work table. Then under this shelf is a drawer for open storage for pans and pots. Meanwhile, the narrow slide on the other side offers organizers for cups and other utensils. Between these two drawers is a space for a cooler or a 30L fridge box. 

Other than these features, VanLab’s SUV Kit is a BYO design with customers stocking it with their own stove, cooler, and utensils. A kitchen kit is ideal for those who just wants to use it as a galley for picnics, or use with a tent. But those who wants the full-in vehicle camping experience can get the kit with the bed feature.

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Images courtesy of VanLab