Fresh from watching “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” are you guys also getting the same vibe as us from the Van der Waals speaker? It’s probably because the dynamic element it highlights looks like one of those alien symbiotes in motion. We love to feature unique items you can actually purchase and this is definitely one of our top picks for 2021.

When we listen to music, it feels even more immersive when there are LED lights that move to the beat. When something engages more than just one of our basic senses, we tend to feel even more connected to it. Sergey Kuznetsov – the man behind the Van der Waals – probably thinks the same way too.

We’re going out of our way and saying that you should be backing this right crowdfunding project now. Remember the first time you’ve seen ferromagnetic fluid in action? Well, we do, and it was mind-blowing, to say the least. Turn on the Van der Waals, pair your device, choose a playlist, and enjoy.

Watch as the inky black fluid creates mesmerizing shapes in tune with your favorite songs. Even the design and construction will not disappoint. The Bluetooth speaker looks like a sphere with a transparent window and an aluminum ring with push-button controls.

The bottom is flat and houses a passive bass radiator with four raised rubber feet. The plastic housing is covered in acoustic fabric to stop dust from going into the speaker grilles. Inside, there are two 15W mid-bass drivers and another two 15W tweeters.

A powerful electromagnet and LED lights sit behind a translucent cover. These control the movement of the ferromagnetic sludge and illuminate its dance. The Van der Waals speaker is expected to ship out in late 2022.

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Images courtesy of Van der Waals