The Vagabundo Flex pushes the boundaries of tiny house living with its ability to maximize the use of limited space. It can expand to two levels thanks to an automated lifting roof system.

German builder Vagabundo constructed this tiny home with a focus on maximum flexibility and versatility. Its innovative design allows the roof to rise to a height of 20.3 ft, creating a fully-fledged second floor and expanding the interior space to 300 sq. ft. The bulky elements of the lifting system are tucked neatly in corners and cupboards, so they don’t disrupt the minimalist and clean aesthetics of the home.

Meanwhile, the Vagabundo Flex stands on a sturdy steel platform and is built around timber wood framing with wood fiber insulation, three-layer fir wood for interior paneling, and double-glazed wood-aluminum windows with laminated safety glass.

The ground floor features an open plan living area with three folding doors leading to a terrace, a seating area with panoramic windows, a spacious kitchen, a bathroom with shower and incineration toilet, underfloor heating, a wood stove, and an external air supply.

The top floor, on the other hand, hosts a wooden bed for two, an ergonomic height-adjustable folding table, a closed workspace/retreat with Porthole and panoramic window, and ample storage spaces. The Vagabundo Flex is available in three distinct installation configurations. The first is to keep the house trailer-friendly for mobility and the second option involves resting the home on sturdy pillars for extra storage space and a raised terrace. Lastly, is to place the home on ground level onto a prepared foundation using a crane.

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Images courtesy of Vagabundo Tiny House