Let’s shy away from Japanese brands for a bit and take a look at some of the best European custom bikes around. Here is the latest project from Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabi, the Vagabund Moto V11, which is a beauty to behold. Most of the machines that this Austrian duo work on are BMWs and it’s certainly their forte. The newest two-wheeler to roll out of their shop shows just how creative they can be.

The pieces that they normally churn out sport an adequate blend of vintage and modern designs. Despite working on the same donor bikes most of the time, the two manages to make each one unique. Although there a couple of futuristic-looking rides that came from the shop, retro seems to be where Vagabund shines. That’s clearly on show with the Moto V11 alongside plenty of vintage touches compared to their earlier works.

The donor unit is a 1991 BMW R 100 R with a new bespoke fuel tank and subframe. You’ll notice a stylish custom brown leather saddle that apparently holds a leather bag just below. Austria legally requires owners to have a first aid kit available when driving, which explains the extra holding space underneath the seat. Little details like these often have the biggest impact on the shop’s clientele.

The stock 18F and 17R wheels remain untouched except for a new pair of Dunlop Trailmax rubber on each one. The speedometer and bar-end turn signal lights come from Motogadget. The Vagabund Moto V11 likewise gets an engine tune-up service and SuperTrapp muffler. This is one custom bike that looks even better than the original.

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