Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl of Austria’s Vagabund Moto delight in creating minimalist cycle designs that still retain the full functionality desired by the bikes’ owners. It is not a task undertaken lightly but they are up to the challenge. As an example, this 1993 BMW R100R has transformed under their hands into a sleeker, lighter machine with more power and features.

The original BMW battery was replaced by a smaller lithium-ion one and the airbox and ignition coil modified to match. They trimmed nearly 3″ off the front forks, replaced the original tank and seat with a hand-shaped monocoque unit, and added a new front mudguard and headlight nacelle, both made from aluminum. Another cool feature is the tail end of the body which lifts up via a gas shock-powered hinge, to reveal a custom-built subframe that houses a with a handsewn leather valet tray holding a stormproof lighter, a Leatherman multi-tool and matching card wallet. Finished up in ceramic-coated black, this stunning bike looks ready to rule the night.

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