For your daily dose of blackout two-wheelers, Vagabund Moto never fails to deliver. The Austrian shop is known for its stunning aftermarket builds that are mostly draped in the sinister shade. While they love to work with models from BMW Motorrad, they also frequently dabble with other marques. Their latest project is the 350 Safari – a great choice for off-road enthusiasts.

This stealthy scrambler starts off as a KTM 350 EXC, which then receives a custom revamp courtesy of the Vagabund Moto. As with their previous exploits, the establishment allows you to own the 350 Safari in two ways. For those who want a machine they can immediately take to the trails, the guys will prepare it for you.

On the other hand, the folks who prefer to get down and dirty in their garage can opt for the DIY kit instead. We believe motoring aficionados will likely go for the hands-on approach if they happen to already own the bike. Meanwhile, those who hate the iconic vibrant colorways of KTM should consider the 350 Safari revamp.

Before we get into the in-house tweaks, buyers should be aware that the powertrain remains intact. This means the frame still holds a 350 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine good for 35 horsepower. After disassembling the KTM 350 EXC, they are then 3D-scanning all the parts they are replacing.

What follows is 3D printing everything with the correct mounting points to make it convenient for clients. The 350 Safari kit should be easy to install even without special tools. Most of these are polyamide and handmade metal components. Since KTM’s dirt bike is street legal, the aesthetic changes should not affect performance and it will still meet regulations for use on public roads.

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Images courtesy of Vagabund Moto