Vacheron is no stranger to extreme clockmaking, having been the creators of the Reference 57260 pocketwatch that holds the record at 57 complications. Now they have taken that expertise to a wristwatch.

Called Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication ($TBA), the impressive timepiece offers a full suite of astronomical complications, all functioning in a white gold case of 45mm x 13.6mm on two dials, one each on the front and back. Among the 23 complications the timepiece has to offer, are a perpetual calendar, tourbillon, moonphase, season and solstice indicators, sun rise and set times along with day and night length indicator, tide level indicator, power reserve gauge, and even a band that provides Zodiac sign data as well.

The watch holds a massive three week’s power reserve in its six Bioflex mainspring barrels. It took five years to complete the Celestia so it is no wonder that this is a limited edition of only… one.