As promised, we’re here to highlight another notable unveiling at the recently concluded Watches & Wonders. This year’s installment was overflowing with outstanding announcements from the world’s most prestigious groups. One such creation is the aptly named Berkley Grand Complication from Vacheron Constantin. Not only does it flaunt aesthetic elegance, but this reference reportedly establishes a new world record.

In the watchmaking scene, the ability to incorporate as many complications into one timekeeping instrument. You might argue that smartwatches can do everything and more than their traditional counterparts could. Nevertheless, the point here is Vacheron Constantin just completed something extraordinary when it came to mechanical sophistication.

The previous world record holder was also from the Swiss company dubbed the 57260 as it packed 57 complications. The ` just earned the top spot with a total of 63. It reportedly took the team more than a decade to develop and more than a year to complete the build. Judging by what it’s shipping with, this is a masterpiece with exquisite craftsmanship.

To fit everything, we have a 90.8 mm x 50.55 mm white gold case and it weighs a little over 2 lbs. Just in case it was not obvious enough, the Berkley Grand Complication is a pocket watch. Even if you have the money, there is no way to purchase this as it was commissioned as a one-off by William Robert Berkley — current Chair of the board of trustees of New York University.

“The Berkley Grand Complication represents a technical feat that is further enhanced by its restrained, elegant aesthetic and impeccable level of finishing. The time devoted to decorating and finishing the 2,877 components, including the invisible convolutions of the mechanism, result in a watch where complexity contributes to its overall elegance and harmony,” writes Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers.

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Images courtesy of Vacheron Constantin