Not so long ago, an automotive-inspired home for two retired race car drivers made it to our pages. This time, we have another modern dwelling built by WARchitect for two airline pilots. If you were expecting some crazy aviation themes, there are none here. Instead, the design of the V60 HOUSE is to help the owners reconnect with nature and one another.

This private residence is in Vibhavadi 60, Laksi, Bangkok, Thailand and stands on land surrounded by trees. Also, the property is far from the main road which means they get to enjoy the fresh air. The couple’s relatives also live close by which makes it a wonderful place for family gatherings.

The V60 HOUSE spans a little over 4,800 square feet with large open areas and high ceilings. As WARchitect puts it, both the husband and wife have careers that keep them seated for long hours at a time. Furthermore, the cockpit is their office, and it can get claustrophobic at times.

Hence, the layout of the V60 HOUSE attempt to incorporate relaxation, healing, and unrestricted freedom. Another unique aspect of the place is how the volumes interconnect. Instead of keeping everything in just one structure, it features three zones.

There’s the main bedroom, a living area, and a guest area. To get to each of these, you must pass a courtyard with a pleasant view of the greenery and sky. It makes it feel like everything flows cohesively. Wood cladding, marble, and concrete create an inviting atmosphere within its walls.

Huge sections of glazing provide wonderful views of the landscape outside. There’s also has a terrace that extends over the pool. The V60 HOUSE is a wonderful haven to relax between flights.

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Images courtesy of WARchitecture