Those with an active lifestyle or looking to lose weight or build muscles can benefit from home exercise equipment when they are not doing laps in the pool, running miles outdoors, or working up a sweat in the gym. In today’s modern technology, you have various options from a treadmill, elliptical, cable rows, and so on. Those that you think you can only access in the gym are now easily accessible for home use. But if you’re on the lookout for a great machine that specifically targets certain physical areas then the V-Form Trainer is for you.

The problem when it comes to home workouts though is the lack of proper guidance. You have to settle for self-motivation or mediocre rehearsed prompts coming from home exercise videos. Whereas in the gym, you have a trainer who checks your form, counts your reps, and gives you a power boost.

This is where advancements in technology come in to make your home fitness journey more interesting, fun, and exciting. Built-in AI or sensors on exercise machines have become useful in the absence of a physical one-on-one trainer. The AI records your progress, monitors your form, and basically acts as your workout guide.

The V-Form Trainer is a smart home gym equipment that provides strength training workouts to help you work on that muscle or tone. Inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s drawing of the ideal human physique, it targets certain body areas so you achieve the perfect form.

Compact, Portable, Reliable


The V-Form Trainer runs on electricity and only needs four square meters of floor space and easily and neatly stores away. It boasts sleek ergonomic aesthetics with its 55lb carbon fiber platform coupled with a smooth charcoal finish. It features customizable LEDs that respond to your force load.

Forget the dumbbells and other weight training tools that seem more dangerous and unreliable when it comes to home workouts. They scream accidents when you do lifts or bench presses without assistance. The V-Form Trainer takes the hassle and burden out of carrying and weighing metal plates. Instead, automatically adjusted resistance cables provide you with the needed weight at a max load of 200kg (450lb).


This home gym equipment uses an adaptive force algorithm that takes the guesswork out of weight training. The technology manages load so the cables adjust accordingly to your strength capacity and tendencies across the range of movement. This means you still have to exert serious force as the machine encourages you to aim for a “harder, stronger, and healthier workout.”

All the while, the V-Form Trainer logs your overall performance for comparisons and encouragement. You are always in the know with improvements and achievements.

Smart Applications

The V-Form Trainer works with a companion Bluetooth app that syncs with your phone through the machine’s QR code. It provides access to programs, exercises that target different muscle groups: lifts, presses, curls, squats, and coached sessions and classes. It even offers diet management guides and Core brand classes including V-Flow for recovery, V-Strength, V-Burn, V-Booty, and yoga.

The smart app lets you customize workout plans and provides immersive virtual training sessions, track performance data, and optimize progress. It also lets you share BPs and encourage others on the V-Form Family to hit their goals or top your achievement.


The V-Form Trainer makes bulky, heavy metal bars and plates seem obsolete. It’s an intuitive machine that effectively hones your strengths and saves time on changing weights. It provides full-body workouts in a compact size that takes little floor space and minimal tools.

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