Even though select wristwatches might have outstanding complications, telling the time should be quite easy. All you need to do is check where each hand is pointing and you’re good. Therefore, the process should be inherently manageable. However, there are instances wherein a one-of-a-kind timekeeping device shows up and confuses the heck out of everyone. Nevertheless, these complicated items are amazing machines that were engineered to keep track of time in the most remarkable way. Take for example the Urwerk UR-111C and its alternative process of tracking time.

Instead of a circular dial used by conventional watch designs, the UR-111C depends on several complications to count the hours, minutes, and seconds. Adjustments are made via a special lever that swings out and a textured cylindrical roller that sits just below the running seconds’ window. You can turn the roller in either direction to set the timepiece appropriately.

So how does it work? Believe us, we were initially wondering as to how this stylish item works. Yet, after a careful and lengthy observation, we finally got the gist of how everything ties together. The topmost display uses cutting-edge optic fibers to project the rotating numerals—counting the seconds—closer to the sapphire panel.

The lower set of mechanisms of the $135.000 Urwerk UR-111C show the jumping hours on the leftmost cone, the running minutes on the rightmost cone, and finally a retrograde indicator in between to show the minutes via a helical cylinder. You can go for a brushed steel or matte gunmetal finish. Both variations are very rare with only 25 pieces for each variant.

Urwerk UR-111C

Photos courtesy of Urwerk