Reintroduced in order to fulfill high customer demand, the Ural Sahara ($18K) is the latest iteration of the iconic off-road sidecar motorcycle. It’s fully upgraded and ready to tackle the harshest driving conditions.

Powered by a solid 750cc OHV, air-cooled, boxer twin engine, outing 41 hp and 42 ft lbs of torque, the 2-wheel-drive rig features a 4-speed manual transmission (plus reverse mode), and a driveshaft-engageable sidecar wheel. The front suspension is an IMZ leading link fork, while the rear & sidecar sport swing-arms with Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorbers (5x adjustable), ensuring great handling on bumpy terrain. Braking is handled by Brembo units (up front & sidecar) and by an integrated floating calliper on the back wheel.

Each gear-up Sahara comes standard with the following goodies: on-demand 2WD, universal spare tire & luggage rack, Jerry can, utility shovel, sidecar bumper, tool kit, sidecar spotlight & accessories panel (for charging phones/tablets), Cordura Tonneau cover, and rubber floor + trunk mats. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your adventure needs, you can upgrade to a more extreme package that includes protective shields all over, or even get a Warn ProVantage 2500-s winch with Kalaber winch mount, so you can climb steep mountains.

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