Shelves. One of the most essential pieces of furniture any person must have in their arsenal, and yet one of the hardest indoor fixtures to pull off.

There are so many kinds of shelves, from regal to urban to downright eccentric. Stripped down to its core, though, a shelf is all about making room for stuff in the most efficient way possible.

If you’ve simply run out of shelving ideas, consider looking at the Tylko Type02 shelves. These aren’t just your typical shelves, for one. Tylko actually lets customers adjust and personalize Type02 shelves down to their centimeter, the style, the finish, and all sorts of other tweaks. You can literally spruce it up with fine-grained details to get the perfect shelf in your mind.

You can even use Tylko’s augmented reality app to check whether a style will work in your living spaces.

Tylko did a lot of research for its latest shelf collection. The company sought to improve not just the look, but also the functionality of these storage savers. Tylko created new combinations to choose from, and refined the doors and handles to be more ergonomic. Adjustable legs were developed to ensure there would be no uneven shelves, even on spaces with weird floors. There’s also a much wider gamut of color options available.

Assembling them is also much easier now. Customers don’t even need to bring out special tools to fix up these shelves. They’re even easier to build than your typical flat-packed furniture with color-coding, factory-installed connectors.

Type02 shelves are excellent, well-crafted, stylish, and idiot-proof. What more could you want from shelves, really?


Photos courtesy of Tylko