Unna Aksu Hunting Axe 5

Whether you use it for camping, to hunt game, or to chop wood at the fireplace, the Unna Aksu Hunting Axe ($215) is a solid tool that’ll last you a lifetime. It also happens to be super-compact and good looking enough to be displayed as a decorative piece (in your man-cave).

Made by the Swedish Karesuando, each axe/tomahawk measures just under 10″ (25cm) long and weights in at a mere 12oz (340g), making it a perfect companion to have nearby when you adventure into the backcountry. The handle is crafted of beautiful birch burl wood and has an inlaid emblem made of reindeer horn plus an elk bone pommel, while the razor-sharp, 4-inch stainless steel blade is hardened to 55° HRC (the same as high-quality knife blades) to ensure durability. Available in light or dark birch, the Unna Aksu axes come with premium leather belt sheaths & handy diamond sharpeners, and are shipped in premium gift boxes.

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