Danish furniture designer and cabinetmaker Anker Bak designed SNILD in an effort to offer those suffering from lack of physical mobility a quick seating solution. It came about after his conversation with Vibeke and Karen, two women diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

They needed a daily helper that would quickly allow them to sit down when their legs become tired and they start to lose their balance, as is often the case with people with MS. Of course, carrying a stool around is out of the question as it would only be  cumbersome and inconvenient.

Bak says he was drawn to Danish designer Kaare Klint’s iconic Propeller Stool with its ingenious fold construction. Inspired by the piece, he created an organically shaped two-in-one cane that doubles as a stool. He called this SNILD, which is the Danish word for dextrous or handy. 

It’s crafted from a single piece of solid ash wood split down the middle and joined together by six brass bolts to make it easy to unfold into a stool and fold back into a walking stick. Its design is seen in the way the two intersecting, propeller-shaped legs and handles in Klint’s piece form a perfectly round rod when used as a cane.

The SNILD features a rounded handle offering a tactile form and feel, while its two legs are secured by natural rubber feet. The stool offers a genuine leather seat that’s durable and comfortable. Bak designed it as a handy and elegant piece of Everyday Assistive Furniture (EAF) that can be brought wherever and whenever. The cane’s rounded handle makes it easy to carry on the shoulder. Meanwhile, its elegant craftsmanship allows people to use it with pride and pass down to the next generation.

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Images courtesy of Anker Bak