Artificial intelligence might just be the buzzword that defines 2024 based on the latest announcements in tech. We saw plenty at CES 2024 and Samsung also made it a unique selling point of its premium flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Meanwhile, robotics never ceases to fascinate us, which is why we want to share something cool called the Go2.

Manufactured by Unitree, this quadrupedal machine resembles Boston Dynamics’ Spot. A lot of people purportedly still get chills when they recall the prototype model dubbed BigDog and its subsequent iterations. Perhaps it was the robot’s unsettling movements and size that made it somewhat of a nightmare fuel for others. Thankfully, the Go2 is presented on a much smaller scale.

Unlike the staggering $75,000 cost of Spot, Unitree is keeping its version consumer-friendly with a starting price of $1,600 for the Go2 Air (without controller). Should buyers require a more feature-rich package, the Go2 Pro (with controller) goes for around $3,050. Unfortunately, shipping is not free and it takes about a month to build.

While standing, the Go2 measures 27.5″ x 12.21″ x 15.8″ and weighs approximately 33 lbs. It mimics the behavior of dogs to give users a form of companionship as they gradually bond with their unit. Its array of sensors gathers data, which allows it to navigate its surroundings, maintain balance, and perform other actions as needed.

Its AI is bolstered by GPT to help it learn and adapt over time. The standard battery capacity is 8,000 mAh, but a 15,000 mAh upgrade is likewise available. A full charge will last anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. Just like a trained pooch, the Intelligent Side-follow System (ISS 2.0) makes the Go2 follow its user on walks or runs.

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Images courtesy of Unitree