So far, 2024 has been a mixed bag with a fair share of uplifting stories alongside some that are not. For example, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine still shows no signs of a resolution. While international aid continues, a few individuals took matters into their own hands to raise funds for the embattled country. Under the UNITED24 initiative, we have five original LEGO creations to be raffled off.

With a healthy imagination, a lot of free time, and brimming enthusiasm, anybody can assemble practically anything within the functional limitations of the iconic plastic bricks. For the UNITED24 project, the curated sets were designed by skilled LEGO builders from Ukraine, Poland, the United States, and Germany. 

These kits are special because each is a scale model replica of famous Ukrainian architectural attractions. Firstly, we have the Odesa National Academic Opera And Ballet Theatre by Daniel Seidl. Made out of close to 5,000 pieces, the attention to detail is remarkable as it pays homage to a structure that has stood since 1810.

When people talk about Europe, what usually comes to mind are buildings that evoke the Dark Ages. Mark Segedie’s LEGO Pidhirtsi Castle may not convey a menacing vibe, but its aesthetics are like snapshots of the past. Next on UNITED24’s catalog is the Golden Gate by Eric Law. His contribution is a tribute to one of the oldest defensive strongholds in Eastern Europe.

Representing the diverse cultural heritage of Ukraine is Crimea’s Khan Palace — a submission by Maciej Kocot. Lastly, rounding out the UNITED24 LEGO initiative is the Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory from Alexander Yermolaev. For a chance to own these exclusive items, interested parties need to make a minimum donation of $24.

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Images courtesy of UNITED24