Built in collaboration with multi-disciplinary research and education organization SETI Institute, the Unistellar eVscope promises to revolutionize amateur sky-watching. This device is “100 times more powerful than a classical telescope,” letting you see distant galaxies which, until now, were reserved only to the eyes of professional astronomers.

Using a low light sensor and image processing tech, the telescope projects at infinite focus with 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, creating a real, live experience of sky observation. It can also tap into a 20 million star coordinates database to instantly recognize stars, while its motorized mount allows the eVscope to automatically align with celestial coordinates and accurately pinpoint any object in the sky.

The device can also be set to “Campaign mode” so you can receive an observation request on your smartphone (in case of an asteroid flyby, supernova, comets,…), gather data and contribute to scientific research. Even better, the telescope’s manageable size and weight (15.4lbs including tripod) allow it to easily fit and be carried in a backpack to your next observation point.

Buy From Unistellar Optics $1,500