Even without paint or the addition of other materials, concrete in its natural form is a minimalist’s favorite. We’ve seen it used in accessories, gadgets, and as decorative elements in homes or offices. Unincorporated Associates shares with us its first architectural creation just north of Joshua Tree National Park. For now, they refer to it as the concrete cylinder house.

The team behind this project is former Banana Republic executive Omar Nobil. Along with fiancé Rika Stahlman, he pens a three-bedroom dwelling that spans roughly 3,200 square feet. Furthermore, its construction primarily uses concrete, metal for reinforcements, and glass.

As the images show, the most notable feature of the plan is the cylindrical structure on one end. According to the lifestyle brand, the Joshua Treen house is an “immersive residential experience.” In addition to the main volumes for those who will live there, it also comes with a special guest house.

According to the Unincorporated Associates, those staying over will be bunking in a two-bedroom subterranean section. Meanwhile, given the dull gray tone of its exterior, the concrete cylinder residence will likely blend into its desert surroundings. Likewise, even the interior is devoid of other colors.

There are bespoke concrete creations such as countertops, tables, and built-in furniture. The view of the landscape inside is panoramic courtesy of the floor-to-ceiling glazing that wraps around the main building.

Quirkier still are the 21 outfits they throw in that ooze with a sci-fi vibe. With an asking price of around $12 million, the Joshua Tree concrete cylinder house includes a custom all-electric Land Rover Series III with a gray colorway.

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Images courtesy of Unincorporated Associates