Summer is almost over, but that’s never an excuse not to at least consider the Undone Basecamp Standard Watch, a timepiece that’s perfect whatever activity you have planned under this scorching heat.

It’s tough, first of all. This adventure-ready watch features a 316L stainless steel case, making it one of the most robust options out there. If you prefer brute over flair, this is right up your alley. Even so, it’s astonishingly lightweight on your wrist, feeling as though it’s barely there as you go about your workaday routine.

The Undone Basecamp Standard uses a Seiko automatic movement for optimum timekeeping. It also comes with a long-lasting energy reserve of more than 40 hours. It’s got a dial design that sets it apart from most conventional options out there. It’s got this utilitarian strap that, sure, oozes “dad style,” but it’s pretty nifty if you’re not much into fancy schmancy straps.

It comes in either black or gray. We wish Undone could have been more adventure with its color offerings. But we’re not complaining here. These are fine, if a little stale. But black or gray should go great with most, if not everything, in your wardrobe. That makes this watch a real hassle-free accessory for casual wear, street wear, and dare we say even fancy wear. It won’t be your daily driver, but it certainly can if you wish. It’s simple, no-frills, and stylish but only subtly. What more can you ask for? Hit the link below to buy.