UNDONE makes it their missions to give its clients a level of personalization not many could match. It’s as simple as heading over to their website and choosing the watch model as your starting template. Another option would be to browse their collection of limited-edition releases. Therefore, perhaps those who love literature will find the Arabian Nights timepiece to their liking.

Earlier we were talking about how some folks want their accessories to be one-of-a-kind. Unlike the customization services the watchmaker is offering, each one of these eye-catching examples is totally distinctive. With only 300 slated for production, it seems impossible that no two will ever be the same.

The Secret Behind The Arabian Nights

Not to worry, because here is how UNDONE works its magic. The manufacturer goes for a two-fold approach to ensure that every Arabian Nights watch is unique. Firstly, it comes from the 40 mm CuSn8 bronze case, rotating bezel and crown. Over time, a patina will develop on the surfaces, which will be exclusive to that specific timepiece.

Next up is the stunning dial, which is actually crafted out of lapis lazuli. This semi-precious stone is renowned for its vibrant blue color with elaborate streaks in shades of white to metallic yellow. As such, there is no likelihood of the pattern repeating in another.

A Magnificent Aesthetic

UNDONE also adds another noteworthy spin on the California dial for the Arabian Nights. The bottom markers are presented in familiar Arabic numerals. As for the top half, it uses Eastern Arabic numerals that gives the watch a theme cohesive to its namesake.

Turn the case over to see a stainless-steel exhibition caseback with a blue-tinted crystal. A script in Arabic that translates to “This Too Shall Pass” is printed on the transparent section. It is a fitting adage amidst these trying times reminding us to never give up.

You can likewise spy the rotor and components of the Japanese TMI NH35A self-winding calibre within. Finally, UNDONE pairs it with a blue leather strap. Those purchasing the Arabian Nights are also receiving an extra brown vintage leather strap. The quick-release spring bar makes it easy to swap these out to match your style.

Buy – $480

Images courtesy of UNDONE