The kids get a bad rap sometimes, but they shouldn’t really. Especially when the likes of Archie O’Brien from Loughborough University are popping up with outstanding concepts. Archie’s Underwater Jetpack is one of them inventions that makes you question if it’s before midday on the 1stApril.

Archie transformed his passion for adrenaline activities, nature and exploring into the mother of inventions. His dissertation looked at how speed, weight and price is holding people back from making these sorts of outlandish purchases. He tried to address these obstacles by making an underwater jetpack as lightweight, robust and as powerful as possible without relying on the most expensive materials.

The CUDA Jetpack will offer people the chance to glide through the waters in the most beautiful locations; experiencing nature in a way never experienced before. Oh and we forgot to mention, it’s the world’s fastest underwater device of its kind and nearly as speedy when being transported. Nearly. He has kept a green mind with the jetpack which also includes rechargeable batteries to protect the very nature he may have afforded us to see in a new way.

The pack’s propulsion system has been patented and Archie aims to excel his career into continuing his success with his own brand and push the capabilities of our existing technology even further. Try not to feel too untalented right now guys, Mr. Obrien is one in a million.

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