If you operate a restaurant, it’s crucial to have fresh ingredients, delicious food, a great staff, and something unique. All of these combine to let you enjoy a steady stream of customers for years to come. Take for example the Under, which owes its fascinating design to Snøhetta. What draws people through its doors is its location.

For those who want to drop by and see what the fuss is all about, Under is in Norway. Specifically, it takes you approximately 16 feet below the coastline so you can dine underwater. Not to worry, because its construction is completely safe, so patrons can relax and just take in the spectacular views.

You can easily spot the entrance as Snøhetta uses a concrete structure 111 feet long. A large section is submerged, while a portion rises at an angle on land to denote the entrance. 1.64-foot-thick walls allow guests to indulge in fine cuisine without worry as it’s more than enough for whatever the sea throws its way.

According to the designers, the rough surfaces of the building materials encourage marine life to naturally grow around the structure. Since its completion in 2019 and to this day, researchers are happy to report that Under now functions as an artificial reef.

“After the initial building process, stones have also been added to the site’s seabed. This supports an even better breeding ground for adhering organisms, providing food and shelter for many other species,” notes Snøhetta.

The team behind Under then added, “Especially mussels have become an important part of the menu in the restaurant, and the kitchen continues its meticulous focus on using every ingredient possible, also items not normally used for food.”

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Images courtesy of Snøhetta