Carryology teamed up with Unbound Merino to bring the second installment of its Meili collection, the Meili Travel Hoodie. Inspired by Meili, the Viking God of travel, this jacket is great all-weather performance wear that keeps you dry and comfortable.

This design was two years in the making involving design, development, patterning, engineering and prototyping. Then testing It on five continents and exposing it to varied temperatures (from the Sahara Desert to Iceland) to ensure it lives up to its origin. As such, it uses 92% Merino wool and the strongest fiber on earth, Spectra, to ensure it stays its shape and keeps you comfortable no matter where your feet take you.

The Unbound Merino x Carryology Meili Travel Hoodie uses Merino wool because of its excellent properties. It is wrinkle-resistant and helps regulate body temperature by keeping you cool when it’s hot outside or keeping you warm when it’s cold. It also wicks away moisture, is antimicrobial and dries very fast.

Despite it being wool, it is very soft on the skin, even softer than cotton t-shirts. The team then used 5% of Honeywell’s Spectra which is extremely lightweight and strong to ensure its durability. Then they added 3% Spandex for drape, stretch, and comfort.   

Meanwhile, the hood pulls down to completely cover your eyes. It also has 95% Merino wool and 5% Spectra lining. Moreover, this outdoor wear comes with well thought-out pockets to secure travel essentials. It has a waterproof Napoleon pocket on the left chest with a YKK water-resistant zipper.

Then behind the right-hand side hand pocket is a concealed zipped pocket that’s large enough to store a large smartphone or a small camera. Inside the hood is a secret stash for cash and it has an iPad-mini-sized drop pocket on the lower right-side interior. The Unbound Merino x Carryology Meili Travel Hoodie is the perfect mid-layer without being too bulky to pack on your travels.

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Images courtesy of Carryology