Electric stand-up scooters are quickly becoming the ideal mobility solution for the urban commuter. Aside from the eco-friendly powertrain, their smaller physical footprint means they hardly contribute to the traffic congestion. With several startups already vying for the top spot, Unagi is addressing known issues with the platform with its Model Eleven.

Let’s start with the high-tech wizardry they pack into its sleek frame. This folding scooter features an integrated digital display and audio system.  The Model Eleven supports Google’s turn-by-turn navigation. The system outputs directions via the high-output 15W speaker on the handlebar.

You can likewise play music via Bluetooth. Then there’s the ADAS sensor that alerts you to avoid collisions with pedestrians and other hazards. Deter would-be thieves as the motion sensor triggers an alarm when someone tries to move it while locked.

Moreover, the GPS tracking and remote kill switch will disable the e-scooter via the Unagi app. Now on to its other defining characteristic. The Model Eleven boasts a long carbon composite construction. This robust yet lightweight material can be molded into complex forms. At only 32 lbs, owners can conveniently haul it around.

A traditional model is a nightmare to ride on rough surfaces. As such, Unagi equips the electric scooter with an elastomer-based suspension system. In case, you need to replace the foam-filled tires, the hot-swappable system makes them easy to replace.

The Model Eleven runs on a dual-motor setup rated at 500W each for a total of 1,000W. It can tackle 15-degree inclines and race up to 20 mph. The removable 9,700 mAh lithium-ion battery pack promises a range of up more than 15 miles. It’s available in Stealth Black, Desert Sand, Sage, Sweet Lemon, and Nightshade colorways.

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Images courtesy of Unagi Scooters