Safety is always mandatory when it comes to working up a sweat at night while outdoors. Thus, the reason for those ever-evolving features on portable torches that aim to keep you visible in the dark. Outside of the usual headlights and other illuminating athletic gears, you also have belt lights. This is where the UltrAspire Lumen 600 3.0 Waist Light comes in.

It ensures safety while you’re out running in unfamiliar dark paths and prevents collision when cycling at night. It uses the UltrAspire 3D Lighting system that illuminates areas and casts shadows on uneven surfaces. This helps you better understand your surroundings so you can avoid potholes, cracks, or any possible accident-prone elements on your path. Plus, a light output of 600 lumens ensures you are spotted by oncoming traffic from a mile away.

Unlike its predecessor the 2.0, the UltrAspire Lumen 600 3.0 comes with a smaller light at 30 per cent smaller and is also lightweight to ensure a comfortable run. It also features a wide flood cone that ensures a steady light beam regardless of movements. Meanwhile, an adjustable lighting angle lets you rotate the light up or down for maximum visibility and coverage on uphill or downhill paths.

Outside of the light features, the UltrAspire Lumen 600 3.0 Waist Light does not add unnecessary weight to your runs. It utilizes a Race Fit structure that comprises of a fatigue-free buckle system constructed from limited-stretch elastic. This ensures a natural breathing pattern while heat dispersing fins in and around the light keep the device cool during heavy use.

Moreover, the UltrAspire Lumen 600 3.0 Waist Light provides a zipper pocket to store your essentials. It is IPX7 water-resistant and runs up to ten hours on a rechargeable battery.

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Images courtesy of ULTRASPIRE