Ultrapak Tour External Battery Pack 1

Time is our most valuable asset! This is what the creators of The Ultrapack ($100,00) thought of when they built this powerful backup battery. With the ability to recharge itself up to 8X faster than conventional batteries, the Ultrapack stores up enough energy-in just 15 minutes-to fully charge a smartphone.

Featuring a digital screen that shows the remaining power and time left to a full charge, this portable device packs a whopping 10000mAh- enough to power up a smartphone up to 5 times. With a weight of only 10oz and a size a bit larger that an Iphone, it can be easily carried, and it’s covered with a durable rubberized frame for absorbing impact. The Ultrapack boasts a dual-port USB for charging two devices simultaneously and an integrated flashlight for nighttime use or during an emergency. With this battery as part of your gear, you’re sure to never run out of juice.Ultrapak Tour External Battery Pack 8

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