Do you indulge in DIY projects at home or spend weekends fixing whatever is broken? If so, your workshop needs to have all the necessary tools to handle various tasks. An often overlooked item is the vise — a mechanical apparatus used to strongly secure an object in place. A fascinating crowdfunding campaign promotes the MakaGIC VS01 as a modern motorized upgrade.

The traditional way to tighten a tabletop vise is via the lever and screw mechanism. However, inexperienced users can damage a workpiece when they turn it one too many times. MakaGIC leverages cutting-edge sensors and an integrated smart chip to automatically stop the clamp when it reaches the desired setting. A manual knob makes it easy to adjust.

“Our product design is inspired by future industrial style concepts, emphasizing a sense of refinement and order. We aspire for our VS01 to be a striking addition to your desk or workbench, enhancing the space with its elegant presence,” writes MakaGIC. It measures 202 mm x 137 mm x 77 mm and is fabricated out of aluminum alloy to keep the weight down yet retain durability.

A quick press of the button allows users to really dial in the ideal grip on an object. However, to make it more conveniet, a long press engages automatic mode as the vise only stops when it reaches the assigned grip value. Powering the VS01 is a 4,400 mAh rechargeable battery enought for up 200 actuations before it needs juice up.

Its 0.96″ OLED display shows all relevant information such as battery life, settings, and more. The VS01 has a maximum clamping stroke of 125 mm to accomodate a variety of items. Optional add-ons are also in development such as a magnifying glass, an LED light sources with adjustable brightness, and a fan to draw smoke away when working with PCBs and other stuff that can produce fumes.

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Images courtesy of MakaGIC