A month from now, Star Wars fans all over the world will collectively celebrate the franchise in a variety of ways. Apart from conventions, parties, and other events, shopping is another favorite activity on or before the big day. Meanwhile, Braz de Pina shares this cool BM1 mouse concept inspired by a starship from the series.

Manufacturers of PC peripherals such as keyboards, headsets, and mice generally account for ergonomics. Given we tend to use these accessories for long periods, it’s beneficial to choose a product that promises comfort. Unfortunately, this approach often limits the creativity of designers, which is why the BM1 manages to stand out.

According to the Instagram post by de Pina, “Here’s a quick concept I worked on over the weekend. I wanted to design a mouse that was somehow inspired by one of my favorite Star Wars ships, the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle.” As you can see, this explains the wedge form factor.

Despite the pronounced geometric silhouette of the BM1, it should provide an ideal resting surface for the palm and fingers. Instead of going for a tonal gray colorway, we’re looking at a chromatic combo of mostly off-white (cream) with the left button only rendered in gray.

There are also vibrant elements adorning the shell to add a visual pop to its aesthetics. We can see a red scroll wheel and trims on the side edges of this Star Wars mouse. The yellow trapezoidal button could be assigned to the DPI adjustment function for the user’s preferred sensitivity.

A view from the front shows a USB-C port with a red metallic accent. If you view the undercarriage of the BM1, there are mouse skates shaped like panel lines on a starship. In the same column as the CMOS sensor are three buttons to switch between paired devices.

Finally, there is a green power/Bluetooth pairing switch located close to the rear. Rounding out the cosmetics of the BM1 are printed text in Japanese Katakana and Kanji along with some graphics in Aurebesh — the official alphabet of the Star Wars universe.

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Images courtesy of Braz de Pina