During the pandemic, we previously pointed out the sudden surge in the popularity of cycling. Almost everyone we knew gave it a shot and has become their favorite fitness routine. Another hobby that also unexpectedly boomed was gardening as people cared for various kinds of plants at home. Hence, this gadget here is called SPOT and it automates a task many find bothersome.

Amateur or professional horticulturists understand the basic needs of their flora. We’ve been taught that plants only need soil, water, and sunlight to survive. However, if you get into detail, other factors that contribute to their well-being include air, optimal temperature, and nutrients.

Without these, most types of vegetation will eventually die. The SPOT is presented not as an all-in-one solution for all of your plants’ needs. However, what it does is handle a crucial part of their care. It’s a motorized base that automatically detects the most optimal location in your house where adequate sunlight can filter through.

Just like a modern robot vacuum, it is outfitted with sensors to pinpoint the best route and avoid obstacles along the way. Of course, the SPOT is likewise hindered by stairs like its dustbusting counterparts. Therefore, a multi-story dwelling will require several units for each floor’s plants.

At first, we thought it also recharges via solar panels. Nonetheless, it was specified that the SPOT comes with a charging dock where it can navigate autonomously to top up its batteries. Perhaps a future upgrade would allow it to water, sprinkle fertilizers, and handle other tasks to help your plant flourish.

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Images courtesy of Dami Seo