Back in the day, the essential items people checked before they left the house were their wallets, keys, and maybe a mobile phone when these devices became mainstream. Now, our daily loadout has grown to include tablets, headphones/earbuds, laptops, and portable data storage. The latter is becoming a necessity with file average sizes now ranging in the gigabytes. Check out the Disk by SHARGE.

Some of you might have heard or read about the brand. We’ve featured a couple of their products in the past which were mostly power banks and chargers. What sets their hardware apart from competitors is the stylish futuristic aesthetics with an emphasis on transparent elements.

We can’t stress enough the deep fascination tech-savvy folks like us have with see-through gadgets. The Disk keeps up with the cyberpunk motif as SHARGE designs an extremely pocket-friendly SSD enclosure.

Available in shades of Gray or Yellow, the module is protected by a silicone case to help it withstand accidental impacts and drops. Moreover, it also benefits from the IP56-rated protection against dust and moisture.

Dimensions are listed at 43 mm × 29 mm × 13 mm with a weight of about 24 grams. The durable housing is compatible with M.2 NVMe 2230 SSDs up to 2 TBs. Expect blazing-fast read/write speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Transfer movies, photos, documents, apps, and games in seconds or a little over a minute depending on the file size. Aside from the cool aesthetics, tough build quality, and impressive transfer speeds, SHARGE equips the Disk with an active cooling fan. It can purportedly lower the temperature by 20 °C.

We like the tool-free system which is handy when you need to swap out SSDs. A physical write protection switch is a nifty function that keeps your data safe. SHARGE outfits the Disk with a male USB-C port so users can plug it in directly. The included female-to-male USB-C cable doubles as a lanyard.

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Images courtesy of SHARGE