As the majority of carmakers begin their shift to emission-free motoring, many run into production challenges. Since existing facilities are for the development and assembly of traditional powertrains, the transition to green technology can be a major setback for years to come. However, companies like U Power could streamline the process with its UP Super Board.

Developing a custom EV architecture from scratch is a daunting task. Depending on the number of models, each might require specifications exclusive to what the platform is for. What the Shanghai-based mobility group intends is to supply a versatile alternative that most marques can outsource for future projects.

What the UP Super Board offers is a complete yet modular canvas for automotive engineers and designers to tweak according to their needs. U Power states it “not only breaks design boundaries and allows more space, but also enables free arrangement of driving seat, customizable driving styles, and AI-powered adaptive suspension to empower you to define performance as you like.”

The chassis already integrates everything within its skateboard-like layout. It’s up to the manufacturer to opt for a single, dual, or triple motor setup. The UP Super Board promises exceptional thermal management and energy efficiency in various climate conditions. Range anxiety shouldn’t be an issue here as it can support larger batteries for up to 621 miles on a full charge.

Take note that other factors such as weight, road conditions, and driving style will affect mileage. U Power likewise ensures their UP Super Board is future-proof as it supports scalable computing power for autonomous driving capabilities. Perhaps many EVs in the coming years will be built upon systems similar to this.

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Images courtesy of U Power