By definition, guitars are musical instruments with strings. However, it doesn’t mean innovative tech can redefine what can function as one. The U-Lab 001 is what you get when an analog platform receives a digital upgrade. Moreover, it also addresses another aspect which is portability. Instead of a fixed frame, it can fold for easy transport.

Normally, standard-size guitars take up a lot of space in storage. Depending on the quality of materials used, some models may be more fragile and require padded bags or hard-shell cases. The U-Lab 001, on the other hand, features a hinge on the body that allows the next to collapse. 

Credit for this clever approach goes to inDare Design Strategy Limited and Unknown Galaxy Technology Limited. In fact, design experts are in agreement regarding its bold aesthetic and unique functions. Thus, it is a winner of both the IF Design Awards and Red Dot Product Design for 2022.

You’ll notice that aside from its striking profile, the U-Lab 001 does not have strings. Instead, it features a light-up fretboard and a rocker switch akin to that of the guitar peripheral gamers use in Guitar Hero. An integrated speaker means you can practice or shred on it anywhere and anytime.

There’s even a 3.5 mm output port for your headphones for more private sessions. Volume control comes by way of a rotary dial while the scale of your notes can be adjusted via another rotary knob at the end of the fretboard. The U-Lab 001 is a great tool to help budding guitarists practice and allow professionals to just have fun.

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Images courtesy of inDare Design Strategy Limited/Unknown Galaxy Technology Limited